Wednesday, June 30, 2010

how i spent this wednesday afternoon...

some how i've managed to make wednesday my at home, free, to-dolist accomplishing, somewhat loungey day to myself. today was a bit different...

i spent this afternoon baking 12 dozen cupcakes.. 144 CUPCAKES... i want you to think about that number for a minute.... here.. i'll help create an image in your head..

....what beauties, eh? i think so. why 12 dozen cupcakes you ask?

my mom runs a great ministry out of her churchs doors on friday nights called "got soup?" her and her team of selfless volunteers devote their time, energy, money, and greater parts of friday morning/afternoon/evening to preparing meals for the homeless in their community.

this friday will be a picnic to celebrate the fourth of july. on the menu this week will be bbq chicken, macaroni salad (i'm enjoying a little bowl as i type this out!), watermelon, and red, white & blue cupcakes. i forgot to take a final photo of the decorated ones but after 3 hours of measuring, mixing, beating, spooning, baking, testing, tasting, cooling and icing, it's ok by me.

enjoy your wednesday evening, i will be putting my feet up and though i dont have that refreshing feeling of things crossed of my infamous, daunting to-do list, i do have some sort of peace knowing that i did something for someone else, something for a community larger than myself.. ..must be how my mom feels every week.

love you mom, thanks for letting me show off my cupcake decorating skills!

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