Friday, April 30, 2010

the infamous to-do list part II

morning. i took that picture yesterday when i was on my way to pick up the kiddos from school and i was so busy singing in my car, i missed my exit so i ended up across lake union and underneath the bridge, and atop another.

i love how if you look closer at the car whizzing by & the bridge above, you can see the wave that appeared.. i'm guessing this happend because 1) i cant hold my hand steady & 2) i was driving. dangerous i know. also, at the bottom of the photo you can see the reflection of the hoodie i was wearing in my window.. look carefully. :)

so a few days ago this was my to do list after a cup of coffee,

and now.. it looks about the same. i accomplished (barely) nothing. though i did make it to the gym, (& have been sore ever since).

it seems the hub & i have gotten bit by the "buy-a-house" bug and we've got our heads up in the clouds. that's pretty much consumed our lives lately. as we begin researching (& budgeting) i get more & more excited at the though of having our own home together; being able to paint a wall, hang a photo, make a mess on the carpet and not worry how to clean it up when we move out.. it's a lovely, invigorating thought.

anyhow, i need to get started on my two-day-old to do list because im sure if i sit here & think about it, it'll evolve into something bigger & scarier. happy friday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lazy wednesday

today is my first day off from work & nannying in 6 days. im not complaining, im just stating fact. typically on my days off i have a long list of things to get accomplished and waste no time in getting started.

today is different.

today, so far, all i've done is climbed out of bed, turned on the coffee pot, kissed the hub goodbye, browsed a few blogs -
ashley ann's under the sycamore & all things new, played with little ilsa and poured myself a cup of coffee.

sidenote: oooh, if you do check out all things new, make sure to browse rachel's etsy store. i'm in love with all her earrings, not to mention the hairpins. i think i should order my mum earrings now.. just thinking about wearing them gets me excited!

now, i have a to do list.. a rather long to-do list infact. today, when i woke up, it looked like this:

start coffee pot
water plants
gym this morning
hang curtains

& now.. (after i've had my coffee), it's evolved itself into this:
start coffee pot
water plants
gym this morning
dimension chalkboard (explanation later)
hang curtains
browse world market for more curtains
flea market?
lunch with the hubster
uncover desk
finish at least one painting
start/finish may birthday cards
post office to mail cards
pay some bills
call rei about the climb
work on vacation to do list
finish knitting project.
decide on mothers day gift
start dinner
email the girls
find a housewarming gift

well now, after seeing all the things i have yet to try & accomplish tody, i feel i should get my butt to the gym and start tackling that to-do list. happy wednesday all :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

because im lacking in "blog-worthy" topics...

i have a zillion projects and whatnot on my to do list but this week, nothing's gotten accomplished because its just been a crazy, nutter-butter week. if i had gotten something accomplished & completed i would have taken pictures & blogged.. but such is life and i didnt so here you go: this is what you get... "ways to charm a southern girl" i stole this from ashely ann & her blog.. it just seems to fit. :)

yes, yes, i know i'm not at all southern; though sometimes i wish i was.. i would have an excuse to: want to live on a farm, have chickens, drink whiskey, plant sunflowers, love cowboy boots as much as i already do and i'd have a super cute drawl. i love seattle, dont get me wrong, i love the recycling, the coffee, music, rain and state parks, but there's something about southern sweet tea & corn on the cob in a hay field thats idyllic to me.

on with "ways to charm a southern girl":

1. stand up for a lady. (this doesn't just involve chairs)
2. kill bugs.
3. hold doors open.
4. fix things/build things.
5. wear boots occaionally (not the fancy, i-paid-$400-for-these. i'm talking about the mud-crusted, i-could-have-just-come-in-from-the-field work boots).
6. take off your hat inside.
7. grill stuff.
8. call us.
9. stand when we come back to dinner & pull out our chair.
10. compliment us.
11. dont show up in a wrinkled, untucked shirt (care about your appearance but not too much. dont smell better than we do. dont use mousse or gel. you should look like you spend more time in front of the mirror than we do).