Thursday, February 25, 2010

one a dreary thursday night...

... I decided to copy a few questions from a neighborblog while I kill some time. enjoy.

on my bedside table:
heidi swanson's cookbook and a notepad full of doodles.

latest interests:
I think I want to learn to knit.

on my mind:
uncluttering our office... ehhh.. (we'll see).

how much more exciting life is with a 7 & 11 year old on your side, (the darling kids I nanny).

a cup of chai tea.

looking foward to:
climbing mount si next week.

a glass of wine.

amused by:
ilsa (our younger cat) sneek up on ike (our older cat).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

photo wall

so i've spent about 2+ weeks arranging & REarranging photographs/frames on top of our coffee table. i figured it was about the same size as what i wanted on the wall so i taped kraft paper to the top and when i finally settled on a position for each frame i traced them onto the paper. then spent another 4 days measuring the hooks and frames and drawing them on to the paper. i made notes on the drawings of frames of what frame hung where & with what picture. THEN i hung the paper on the wall and hammered the nails into the spots i marked, ripped the paper off, (careful not to rip apart my notes), crossed my fingers and hoped things would turn out right! and guess what..... IT DID!!! TA DA!!