Saturday, August 1, 2009

BIG weekend so far & it's only saturday evening

Alrighty, well like always the husband and I met at our favorite date-night spot on Friday night - Johnny's Sports Bar + Grill. The service is excellent (we usually get the same waitress), decent beer choices, the food is pretty good for being a bar & grill and you have a front row seat of the trains rushing by if you sit on the patio. Plus with $5 appetizers during HHour, how can you go wrong?!

It's always so refreshing to know we've started the weekend on such a great note. After a few beers and TONS of food, we headed home, I worked on a little craft/art project for our living room and the hubby read his new book. All of sudden hubby saids "We should think about getting another cat..." Needless to say forty-five minutes later we were off to PetsMart*.

[* A note about PetsMart & Purrfect Pals - When we looked into getting our first cat, Ike, we went to PAWS but were treated so rudely we vowed to never go back. We ended up at PetsMart. PetsMart allows Purrfect Pals Adoption Company/Organization to run their volunteer based program out of PetsMarts doors. We were floored with how great Purrfect Pals was and how in touch they were with their "sponsers" (adoptive parents). Each cat/kitten adopted from Purrfect Pals is spayed/neutered, given all shots, a micro-chip, treated for fleas & worms and has tested negative for FIV & Feline Leukemia. Purrfect Pals also confirms with each sponsers landlord, if necessary, to make sure a pet deposit has been paid & the animal is welcomed in the apartment. Also, they're 100% against declawing and before adopting all applicants are required to sign a statement vowing to not declaw. Purrfect Pals spends an average $375 per cat; but only require a $100 adoption fee. Donations are greatly appreciated. For more about Purrfect Pals, please visit their website:]

Anyhow, I fell in love with 19 week kitten, whereas Hubby liked the "Mini-Ike" (black hair, bright green eyess) who was about 7 months old. After holding the kitten, and after she licked his chin, husband changed his mind and we filled out the paperwork right then and there. The conversation between us to decide if we should get her consisted of him holding her and saying "I think we need her"; I was convinced from the moment I saw her.
According to her paperwork she was 1.48lbs when she was 11 weeks old and I swear she can't be more than 2.5 now - she's just about all black with white on her chin, whiskers, all four paws and a white strip on her left back left which winds up her ankle - how cute!!
While I was at the bakery today he went over and picked her up. Now the only thing is to see how big brother Ike likes having a new little one around.... (NOTE: It's not been going well so far and I've only been home for an hour).

In other, more serious news.... my little sister was taken to the emergency room around 4am this morning. After 5.5 hours, 1 CT scan, a ton of pain meds, and an ultra-sound, the doctors concluded she had Appendicitis. She is now appendix-less and awaiting the chocolate-oreo-pudding pops I just finished making. Hugs + kisses to my little sister who's been a champ through all of this! We were suppose to go get her nose-pierced (18th birthday present!) this coming week but we'll have to see now.. Nonetheless - Keep your fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

I'll share the pudding pop receipe (and more pictures of Princess Isla!) another day... It's almost my bedtime and I still need to shower, play some guitar hero with the husband and figure out what to serve for dinner tomorrow evening with my in-laws... Wish me luck!