Tuesday, January 19, 2010

our kansas trip

we made a trip back to kansas this past weekend. it was so great to hang out & relax with family.
anyhow, here's a few pictures from our trip. enjoy!

24 of us bombarded the derby, KS village Inn.. here's a little panoramic view of the craziness.

kent, sarah & rachel. aren't those girls gorgeous!?

dunn-dunn-dun-dun! charade time!

above: kent drew "transformers" and had to act it out.. needless to say it was a bit difficult.

here's larry & diane doing their best at charades. diane's face just cracks me up!

cade wasn't too into charades but he did eventually figure out the trike on the stairs didn't work too well..

the hubster at the village inn. lovin' the 'stache huh?

i didn't take this. i just thought it was worth sharing frank martin's face. and we did watch the kstate game while we were there.