Friday, March 26, 2010

wallace falls

last saturday hubby and i went for a litle hike. we've been planning to go for about 3 weeks but the weather and our days off never seems to coordinate. nonetheless, we finally made it out to wallace falls. it took us about 3 hours and 20 minutes for the 5mile, (1400' elevation gain), roundtrip hike.

the trail starts out walking by some blackberry bushes and underneath buzzing powerlines but once you get actually into the hemlock trees, it's a whole different world entirely.

within the first quarter mile the trail forks and the left goes along the old railroad tracks and is more gradual, hence making it popular for moutain bikers but adds an aditional mile to your roundtrip. we decided to go the more direct route, right, down woody trail. (there's a map at the fork, don't worry). woody trail takes you down to the river, across a few bridges and then up switchbacks. above is the hubby on wallace river. nice beard, eh? looks like a mountain man.

along woody trail.

small falls.

view from atop all the switchbacks. it was definitely worth the work to get this view. just to be able to see the tippy-tops of all those evergreen trees was a beautiful thing.

this is the best photo we got of the falls.
an astonishing 265' from top to bottom. breathtaking in my book.