Thursday, May 20, 2010

coffee, the second love of my life.

i think ive stumbled into a painting coma. it's all i think about, all i want to be doing. (well, almost.. i still like to kiss on the hub every now and again!)

the relationship between painting and myself has been somewhat love & hate the past few months years. currently, i love painting. and juding by how these pieces have turned out, i've say the painting gods are on my side the past week.

take a looksie for yourself:

as much as i love my starbucks, i'm afraid the above photo turned painting was taken at walnut coffee down by the beach. yum yum yum.. check them out if you're local & haven't been:

now here's some 'bucks love!

well, i'm off to nanny & stew about what to paint next. suggestions? happy thursday.

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